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It will be enough to type the product you are looking for in the search window from our on-site search engine and press the 'Search' button. Thus, you will quickly find the product you are looking for. Or, you can reach the products you are interested in from the menu by category and subcategories.

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You can get help by calling 0212 221 5798 customer service line or sending an e-mail to info@societafashion.com for your problems and suggestions on our site.

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en.societawholesale.com Societa Tekstil San. Trade Ltd. Sti. It is the official wholesale site of the brand. Therefore, all of our products are original.

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The answer to your question is that we work with UPS Cargo. Our shipping service is completely free. Likewise, we do not charge any fees for the products you return.

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There are no refunds on wholesale purchases. We gladly accept returns only if defective items are shipped.


This only applies to our retail sales. For retail sales, you can visit our societashop.com address.

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Due to consumer rights, you can exercise your right of withdrawal from your order before your order is delivered to the cargo. For this, you should inform info@societafashion.com about your order or product that you want to cancel before you are notified by e-mail that your order has been delivered to the cargo.